A little something about us
We have been working Fairs and shows for over 20 years.  It's not just a way we make a living, it's the way we live. All the products we sell, are product we ourselves use. Midwest Sales started with Laurie, her mom worked fairs and shows for years when she was a child. Laurie started working fairs and shows when she was just a young 12 years old.  Mom gave it up, travel became too hard, with kids and all, But as time went on Laurie kept working the fairs and shows.  After she grew up. (More than just age) Midwest Sales started to grow too.  As of now Midwest Sales does about 50 spots a year and with Jim (her husband) and others doing a lot of the work, it's success has exceeded the dream.

Welcome to Midwest Sales, You have met us at the Fairs, Shows and Festivals for years. Browse through our site, if you want to order please give us a call, email us or send us a check with your order, Please keep in mind that if you call our office we may be traveling around, it may take a couple of days, but we'll be in touch. Be sure to leave a message that includes your name and phone number. Of course if it's an order you need right away, please email us.

Midwest Sales                                                 Call us @ 320-743-4899
PO BOX 632                                                   Fax us @ 320-743-4912
Annandale, MN  55302                   
email us at Midwestsalesmn@aol.com
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